Finding The Right Barber Shop

Once a man finds a shop where he gets the cut he likes for a reasonable price, he’ll visit regularly, making this his go-to barbershop. He will bring his son or nephew and recommend the place to a brother, father, uncle, or friend. How did he find this shop in the first place?

Where Do Customers Learn about Barber Shops?

Let’s take a Wilmington barber shop, just as an example, and imagine how a man might come to discover this place. Word-of-mouth is a powerful form or advertising. With small stores, it’s often the only way to go. There is no budget for TV ads nor any desire to become over-crowded. If the waiting list were to grow, their regulars would be crowded out. The shop would lose a certain personal charm. Small barbers prefer not to grow. Besides, it’s the custom among many traditional shops not to make appointments. Men turn up; they wait their turn, and they get a haircut once they are called in. In a town like Wilmington, word-of-mouth really works because it’s a friendly community where neighbors talk to each other while watering the garden or taking the bus home from work.

Barber Shop Advertising

But advertising on the internet is effective too if you know what you are doing or hire a company to help turn this into a worthwhile effort. Without consulting support and merely a small amount of internet knowledge, one can start a Facebook page or build a website using a template which will be hosted for $5 a month. Barbers use these pages to talk about services, indicate a location and opening times, and to connect with customers. Facebook is particularly good in this last regard. The conversational atmosphere invites clients to make comments which smart companies respond to promptly. If there is a complaint, they turn this into a chance to shine. When customers say nice things, they respond graciously.

Using the Internet as a Customer

Visitors or new settlers in Wilmington search for a barber shop by using the methods above – talking to people and reading the internet. The Yellow Pages are also useful and sometimes advertising in small community newsletters or ads posted on bulletin boards at grocery stores. When they use the internet to find a service, customers need to have some criteria in mind in order to decide which of the results is worth trying first. You can only start with one, but which fits the special set of requirements a consumer is thinking of? Start by naming specification which you were only vaguely aware of before. They include cost, location, wait times, reputation, and offered services.

The Right Location

Your best bet could be in the heart of Wilmington, closer to the edges of New Castle, or near the border with Pennsylvania. As a student or professor at the University of Delaware Wilmington Campus, there’s little time to nip into town; a barber shop close to this location might be a bike-ride or short walk away. Shops are located close to Ashley Heights and the Trinity Vicinity; Brandywine State Park and Penny Hill. They’re spread out with lots of choice.

Extended Services

Maybe a customer is willing to travel from suburbs far in the south of Wilmington to a store several kilometers to the north, passing several barbers along the way, in order to get a shave and a cut. Certain stores offer spa services, not merely cuts. In the meantime, having listened carefully to what consumers have to say, the best barber has been pinpointed, and the location doesn’t matter; Wilmington isn’t London, a huge sprawling metropolis. Getting from one side to the other is fairly easy work. The right barber makes a customer feel comfortable, performs a service well, and suits the individual person. That customer might be young and trendy or experienced and old-fashioned; a father with kids or a grandpa with time on his hands. Each one has a unique idea of the ideal barber.